Capture The Color

I was nominated for “Capture the Color” photo contest by Lena & Aaron from Backpack of Memories and Parm from Desi Globetrotter. Thank you, guys!

The challenge of the contest is to find a picture that best represents one of five colors: red, blue, green, yellow, and white. The key word here is “one”, as in one picture per color. I’m very humbled by the nominations but have been delaying the entry just because I have way too many pictures to choose from. My poor husband who has to entertain himself while I’m taking those pictures every time we travel can attest to that.

However, after extremely long deliberations, here are my picks: White is for this nice gentleman at the Old Town Square in Prague. Hopefully he managed to open that message

Green is for the evil drink that is absinthe. Note to myself: next time just order an iced tea, the liver will be grateful.

Red is for all vintage-looking doors in Quebec city.

Yellow is for the love of singing… and for having unconventional hobbies like history re-enactment

And finally Blue is for my babushka from a remote Russian village. She was very happy that we came to visit, so she agreed to sit still for a picture. But only for one.

Now it’s my turn to nominate 5 bloggers and I pick:

Adventures of a GoodMan
Nine to Five Refugee
Jandal Road
Bucket List Journey

 Good luck to you guys!

P.S. The contest is open until August 29th, and even if you haven’t been nominated by others, you can still participate! Just follow the instructions.

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