Prague In Pictures

My first trip to Prague wasn’t that memorable. We were a student group, traveling around Czech Republic, drinking lots of tasty and cheap Czech beer, popping up in different parts of the country for a couple of days
and not spending enough time at one location to actually fully enjoy it. My only two memories from Prague were about getting lost on the way from a night club, and chasing an albino peacock at one of the parks. 

So I was really excited to spend a whole week in Prague in the summer of 2011 and to slowly explore different parts of it.Church of Our Lady before TynThere is no other city in Europe where the medieval architecture is as well preserved and as extensive as it is in Prague.The famous Charles Bridge at 7 amThe pedestrian Charles Bridge with its statues and towers is, of course, the major attraction. Street performers, caricaturists, and souvenir sellers flock here to get in front of crowds of tourists. But the atmosphere is super-relaxed and positive. If you want to be alone to fully enjoy the bridge and the view, come here at 6 am.
That’s what I did on one of the days and loved the experience!

This elevator will take you to the observation deck at the top of the City Hall tower mostly known for being the home of the famous Astronomical clock.

At the top of each hour, there is a little performance first by the clock, and then by a trumpet player from the top of the observation deck.

The best place to see the city is from the top of St. Vitus Cathedral on the other side of the river from the Old Town. The Cathedral is a part of so-called Prague Castle, a UNESCO World Heritage site, that is considered to be the largest coherent castle complex in the world.  

The entire trip I was trying to recall where we’ve seen that weird albino peacock from a few years ago. And on the last day I finally got lucky! As a way of ignoring my annoying camera, it was pretending to be asleep.

Prague is the city of many details. You can find them everywhere: on buildings, on doors, on windows, on staircases…

I have a thing for prisons and cemeteries. So if there is one around, I would be the first in line. The Prague jewish cemetery is located in the historic Jewish quarter and is also a popular place for travelers. At the time when the cemetery was still active, the lack of space forced the new graves to be put on top of the old ones – in some places, to up to twelve levels. That’s why the cemetery is elevated from street level.

There is no better way to spend an evening in Prague than to hang out at the Old Town Square, just sit under the Astronomical clock and watch people from all over the world passing by.

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